Welcome to the Grand York Rite of Kansas

The Grand York Rite Bodies of Kansas are excited to welcome you to our new web site.

Grand Chapter Officers

Grand Council Officers

Grand Commandery Officers

Royal Arch and Cryptic Masons

 School of Instruction

9:00 A.M.           January 15, 2022

Palmyra Lodge No.23 Baldwin City 

Lunch Reservations Requested

Kansas Grand York Rite Session

Gran d Chapter RAM of Kansas

Grand Council CM of Kansas

Grand Commandery KT of Kansas

May 5-7, 2022

Topeka City Center

Details coming soon

Royal Arch Mason Degrees

March 12, 2022 Newton, Ks

Cryptic Mason Degrees

April 2, 2022 Newton, Ks

Knights Templar Orders

April 16, 2022 Newton, Ks


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