M:.E:. Grand High Priest           H. Wayne Rector, Wyandotte Chapter #6

R:.E:. Grand King                         Jimmie L. Grassi, Sr., Wyandotte Chapter #6

R:.E:. Grand Scribe                      Cole F. Wittum, Pittsburg Chapter #58

R:.E:. Grand Treasurer                T. Michael Fegan, Junction City Chapter #17

M:.E:. Grand Secretary                Allan D. Jackson, Lawrence Chapter #4

E:. Grand Chaplain                      Dennis H. Taylor, Wyandotte Chapter #6

E:. Grand Captain of the Host   Rodney D. Middleton, Parsons Chapter #39

R:.E:. Principal Sojourner           Wayne H. Rollf, Leavenworth Chapter #2

E:. Royal Arch Captain                Michael N. Terry, Salina Chapter #18

E:. Grand Master of 3rd Veil      Robert B. Haynes, Junction City Chapter #17

E:. Grand Master of 2nd Veil     Justin B. Crippen, Wichita Chapter #33

E:. Grand Master of 1stVeil         Gary B. Strout, Leavenworth Chapter #2

E:. Grand Sentinel                       Gary A. Long, Wyandotte Chapter #6

E:. Assistant Grand Sentinel      Douglas R. Wettlauer, Wyandotte Chapter #6

E:. Assistant Grand Sentinel      Seth D. Belfield, Wyandotte Chapter #6

M:.E:. Grand Musician                Dennis L. Reed, Lawrence Chapter #4

R:.E:. DDGHP District #1           Maverick A. Bolen

R:.E:. DDGHP District #2          Rodney D. Middleton

R:.E:. DDGHP District #3          Wayne H. Rollf

R:.E:. DDGHP District #4          Ronald J. Mozingo Mona

R:.E:. DDGHP District #5          Dennis M. Johnson Denise

R:.E:. DDGHP District #6           

Royal Arch Degree

Companions from the Kansas City, KS and Leavenworth York Rite bodies came together this Summer to present the Royal Arch Degrees.