Jamie L. Carwell

Grand Commander Knights Templar of Kansas 


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Jamie L. Carwell

Grand Commander Knights Templar of Kansas 2019-2020

Hi there! I’m Jamie, and I’ve been informed I need to tell you a little about myself. Well, while I

might be an expert on the subject, I’m not generally good at telling the story, so, let’s keep it to the basics.

I was born in Hiawatha, Kansas (many years ago) and was soon relocated to the family farm in White

Cloud. My memory of those first years is hazy at best, so you’d need to chat with my mother, Jane, to get

more details on that (and she’d be more than happy to tell you), but I remember playing outside a lot and

always wanting to ride on the tractor. My grandparents lived nearby, my grandfather’s taught me how to

fish and hunt, and my grandmother’s how to garden and cook.

I did get a little schooling in along the way. I graduated from Highland High School, which was in

the next town over. It was a smaller school, and my entire class had 24 people in it. I went to college at

Baker University where I received degrees in Psychology and Sociology. I wish I could tell you I put those

degrees to work, but unless you count giving my friends advice, I can’t say I have. Still, I am glad I read all

those books.

I joined Hiawatha #35 A.F. & A.M. in 2003, where I first served as Master in 2008. In 2014 I

became a dual member with Smithton #1, where my grandfather and father were members. I joined the

York Rite bodies Hiawatha: Mt. Horeb #43 RAM, Washington #2 Council, and Hiawatha #13

Commandery; where have served as a past presiding officer over each. I have also been honored by being

invited to join Kansas Priory #33 KYCH, Drogheda Council #68 Knights Masons and All Saints

Tabernacle #56 Holy Royal Arch Knights Templar Priests. I am considered an average ritualist by the

standards of some Grand Lectures in both the Blue Lodge and York Rite. However, my penchant for

“showmanship” has been noticed by the craft, as in 2019, I was the recipient of The Christopher D.

Tomlinson Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Kansas Ritualist of the Year Award. It is a true honor

given me by my Companions.

In my leisure hours I reside on the family farm in Kansas. I enjoy travel, theatre, art, fishing and

mushroom hunting. So far I’ve found one thing to be true: Never go anywhere without a pocket knife and a

book, odds are you’ll be glad to have one or the other.

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  • R:. E:. Grand Commander                    Jamie L. Carwell, Hiawatha #13
  • V:. E:. Deputy Grand Commander     Wayne D. Drake, DeMolay #4
  • E:. Grand Generalissimo                      Roger L. Walls, Junction City #43
  • E:. Grand Captain General                   Robert D. McClarty, Askelon #6
  • E:. Grand Senior Warden                     Maverick A. Bolen, Leavenworth #1
  • E:. Grand Junior Warden                     Dennis H. Taylor, Ivanhoe #21
  • E:. Grand Prelate                                   Jimmie L. Grassi, Sr, Ivanhoe #21
  • E:. Grand Treasurer                              Jerry L. Gilson, Iola Council #8
  • E:. Grand Recorder                               Allan D. Jackson, Esdraelon #8
  • E:. Grand Standard Bearer                  Rodney D. Middleton, Cour De Lion #17
  • E:. Grand Sword Bearer                       Lyn E. Beyer, Ivanhoe #21
  • E:. Grand Warder                                  Gary A. Mason, Mt Olivet #12
  • E:. Grand Sentinel                                 Wayne N. Price, Mt Olivet #12
  • E:. Grand Organist                                William P. Leonard, Leavenworth #1
  • E:. Grand Guard                                    Herbert F. Merrick, Jr., Leavenworth #1
  • E:. Grand Guard                                    Cole B. Presley, Askelon #6
  • E:. Grand Guard                                     Frederick R. Kemp, Ivanhoe #21
  • Grand Commander’s Aide-de-camp  L. Kent Needham, REPGC

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The beautiful Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, MO.  Dedicated to those who served in World War 1.  Sir Knights from around the Mid-West gather here every Easter to celebrate the resurrection.